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Cybertots on the Green in Ealing is located in the middle of the fresh open green space of Drayton Green Park.

Cybertots on the Green is part of the Jubilee Children’s Centre, and in line with our other nurseries, it has always sought to push our nurseries to the forefront of today’s development. In addition to the standard Ofsted curriculum, Cybertots teach additional classes to further enhance and broaden our children’s development including Art, Dance and Spanish.

At Cybertots we believe that physical health is fundamental to developing a healthy mind and promote physical activities including dance, with a dedicated dance/movement teacher attending weekly in each of our rooms.

We understand that “all work” and “no play” is not necessarily good for children’s development and at Cybertots we have an open door policy which means that children can use our two gardens any time they choose (our staff make sure that they wear appropriate clothing) so that they can have plenty of exercise. The nursery garden is wonderfully equipped giving the children an opportunity to explore, play and exercise. The babies have a separate garden from the toddlers and preschoolers where they can explore the great outdoors and play without being disrupted by older children, under the watchful eye of our exceptionally trained and devoted staff.

We also have a fruit and vegetable patch packed full of yummy things that the children can learn about and can even eat for lunch and tea when they are ripe. Children are encouraged to help in the planting process to learn and see how a little seed can become a plant, blooming with ripe fruit.

Cybertots on the Green provides excellent facilities for the development of your child. We believe that children can be active participants in learning and we endeavour to support them to be self-assured and confident in making simple, but individual choices. In order to promote this confidence we provide unrestricted access to resources and self selection areas. Here children can show their preferences and are encouraged to choose what they wish to play with.

We embrace spontaneous activity in the nursery to aid the interest of our children and we plan time to listen to children’s interests and support their thinking. We help children to develop their sense of identity by valuing their ideas and their choices, alongside extending and supporting their different styles of learning.

Cybertots on the Green is located in a residential area, close to West Ealing and Drayton Green train stations.

Cybertots offers 15 hours a week free nursery education for all three-and four years old and eligible 2 year old children

Cybertots On The Green Newsletter

Thursday 28th May 2020
Dear Parents,
We are all looking forward to welcoming your little ones back into our nurseries next week on Monday 1st June 2020. To help make this transition period as smooth as possible we have a new Cybertots Newsletter containing some useful information.
You can download this Newsletter as a PDF using the link below:-

Cybertots Newsletter May 2020 PDF

Best wishes
Cybertots Nurseries

Newsletter February 2020
Dear Parents and Carers,
In January the Baby room ‘went into space’ and explored many exciting activities around their space theme. The Toddler and Pre-School rooms reflected on the Christmas Holidays. We are continuing with activities for Chinese New Year (Year of the Rat). We have sung some Chinese songs and even learnt to count in mandarin. The children have also learnt about different foodstuff as well as enjoyed fun art activities.

Mobile Phones on the Premises
Please remember to ensure that you are not using the mobile phone when on the premises.

Dates for you Diary 2020
The Room Leaders and I we have created a Calendar with all important dates for your diary until Summer 2020. Please find the Calendar in the rooms and feel free to have a look at it. Should you have any additional ideas we would all appreciate if you could let me know and we can discuss changes.

Family Afternoon Friday 22nd May 2020
We would like to invite you all to a ‘Family Afternoon’. Usually we had ‘mother’s day’ and ‘father’s day’ celebrations but we thought this year it would be nice to celebrate a ‘family day’ instead. However, we would like to invite parents and carers to come and visit us in the setting, for example if your child has this one favourite story you could come and read it to the children. I think all children would benefit from experiences like that.
If you have time or something in mind, please feel free to arrange it with Anita and Gertrude or with the individual Room Leaders.

New additions to our Team
I am very happy to announce that our staff members Sigita, Nisha and Juanita have successfully passed their probation periods and are now officially part of the team. Sigita is a floating member of staff and you might meet her in any of the rooms. Nisha and Juanita are based in the baby room. I would also like to announce new members of staff joining. Jeanette’s first day was Monday, 27th January and Gemma will be joining the team on the 10th of February. Both are very experienced staff members and are excited to meet you all.

Cybertots Special Education Needs Coordinator
Hello, my name is Martyna Bak. I am the Special Educational Needs Coordinator for all 4 Cybertots nurseries. I am a qualified Early Years Educator and have been working in childcare for over 7 years. My role in the nurseries is support children and their families in
achieving early learning goals to ensure children thrive in educational environments and are ready to be competent learners in school.
Early identification + Early intervention = Better outcomes
My passion is to work with children and their families to meet their individual needs to allow children to thrive in their learning. I have experience in working with children with speech, language and communication difficulties, social communication needs, Autism spectrum disorder, Down’s Syndrome, personal, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Did You Know?
Every Month we are learning about a specific fruit and vegetable in the setting. In February we will be learning about Apple and Broccoli.

Thank you all so very much for being part of our Cybertots Family,

Cybertots On The Green Memo

For children who are on contract, Cybertots On The Green is open all year round except on the following dates:-

Staff Training Days
Please note that we are closed for all children on these days:-
Friday 5th June 2020
Thursday 12th November 2020

Cybertots News

  • Cybertots on the Green feature on Ealing News Extra

    Ealing News Extra Article Photo“ width=

    Cybertots on the Green were recently featured on the Ealing News Extra website in an article about our new energy saving heating and lighting system. These were installed after utilising Ealing Council’s Smart Business Grant.

    “Being a children’s nursery, care of the environment and making the world a better and cleaner place for the future is something close to our hearts,” Martin Ozols

    For more information please click on the picture above.

    LOL: poems
    Friend of Cybertots Martin Pierce has just published his new book LOL, which is a collection of poems.

    LOL: Poems by Martin Pierce

    It's a great way to introduce children to poetry and until Tuesday 13th December you can download a free copy for your Kindle from the link below:-
    LOL: poems by Martin Pierce

    New Cybertots nursery open in the Great West Quarter
    Cybertots have opened a brand new, innovative and ultra modern nursery in the Great West Quarter in Brentford.

    GWQ Preview Image

    For more information please visit the Cybertots at GWQ page on this site.

Contact Us

Cybertots On The Green

Drayton Green



W13 0JF

Telephone: 020 8997 3990

Ofsted registered EY281374

If you need to contact us for any reason then please use the following information. Also if you need to visit us then you can use the map below.

If you have any questions about Cybertots On The Green then please don’t hesitate to ask and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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