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Cybertots Children’s Nursery at Copley Close Hanwell west London has been consistently recognised as a top performing children’s nursery since being acquired by Cybertots in 2009. Cybertots at Copley Close was again awarded “Outstanding” by Ofsted following our most recent inspection, and one can understand the reason why, immediately upon entering the nursery.

Cybertots is part of the Copley Close Children’s Centre, and in line with our other nurseries, Cybertots has always sought to push our nurseries to the forefront of today’s development. In addition to the standard Ofsted curriculum, Cybertots teach additional classes to further enhance and broaden our children’s development including Art, Dance and Spanish.

At Cybertots we believe that physical health is fundamental to developing a healthy mind and promote physical activities including dance, with a dedicated dance teacher attending weekly.

The privately secluded garden allows children plenty of space for games and outside learning whilst the preschool room with open space is divided into areas that provide educational resources for the children’s curriculum.

We have a dedicated cook, providing freshly cooked meals on the premises, and are able to cater for specific dietary requirements.

As a part of wider learning, we regularly take children for outings to the park, local shops and library.

Cybertots at Copley Close are fortunate to have a dedicated babies room, where we can accommodate up to 9 babies from the age of 3 months old. The babies also have their own dedicated outside space in the garden, where they can play without being disrupted by older children and remain under the watchful eye of our exceptionally trained and devoted staff.

Cybertots Children’s Nursery at Copley Close Hanwell, West London and is located a short walk from Castle Bar train station. It is also well served by other transport links. We offer 15 hours a week free nursery education for all 3 and 4 years old and eligible 2 year old children.

Copley Close Newsletter

November 2021 – Newsletter

Dear Parents,
Welcome to the Cybertots at Copley Close November Newsletter. It has been another busy month in both our Baby and Pre-School rooms with lots of learning based around the various topics we have been covering this month including Autumn and Halloween.

Unfortunately we had to say good bye to Kayla this week. We wish her well as she travels back home to Australia to be with her family. With this sad news I bring some good news! We have appointed Faria as a Qualified Nursery Practitioner into our Baby Room. Bringing with her vast amounts of experience working specifically with babies, Faria is from Glasgow and is very excited about sharing her knowledge and experience with the rest of the team.

It’s All Been About The Pumpkins
The children in the baby room experimented with various cleaning tools to clean the pumpkins, they used spoons, cloths and toothbrushes to get the pumpkins sparkling and create lots of bubbles!

The Pre-School room helped to clean the inside of the pumpkins before the practitioners carved them discussing the tools they were using with the children being sharp and the safety around such tools. I hope you agree, our Pumpkin Family looked amazing!

The practitioners are very proud of the Halloween environments that they have created in each of our rooms. They have provided an inspiring space for the children to look around, to feel the different objects surrounding them and, more importantly, extend their language by repeating wow words in the baby room and answer questions to further their thinking in the Pre-School room.

The Leaf Family
Why not make a leaf family at home with your little ones? The children can collect the leaves before painting toilet roll tubes. They can then create faces and different expressions using different mark making tools. This activity will encourage children to explore the differences in the leaves around them, where have they come from, why did they fall? When creating faces it is an ideal opportunity to talk about whether their leaf family are happy or sad and why do they think that? The children can give their characters names and talk about what adventures they can go on, are they going to the shop, do they have any money, what will they buy?

Please share your children’s creations by e-mailling them to

If you have any questions relating to anything in this Newsletter or you have just a general enquiry, please do not hesitate to reach out to me by either emailing giving us a ring or popping into the office.

Kindest regards,
Lisa and the Cybertots team

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Spring Term Dates
Start of Spring Term
Tuesday 4th January 2022

Easter Holiday 2022
All Cybertots nurseries will be closed for the following dates:-
Monday 11th April 2022 to Monday 18th April 2022
The nurseries will be open again from Tuesday 19th April 2022

For children on government funded hours only, the term dates are as follows:-

Spring Term 2022
Tuesday 4th January 2022 to Friday 1st April 2022

Spring Half Term 2022
Monday 14th February 2022 to Friday 18th February 2022

Easter Holiday 2022
Monday 4th April 2022 to Friday 15th April 2022

For more information about Term and Holiday dates please visit our Term Dates page.

Copley Close Cameras

To access the cameras at Copley Close please click the link below:-

Copley Close Cameras

Cybertots News

  • Cybertots on the Green feature on Ealing News Extra

    Ealing News Extra Article Photo“ width=

    Cybertots on the Green were recently featured on the Ealing News Extra website in an article about our new energy saving heating and lighting system. These were installed after utilising Ealing Council’s Smart Business Grant.

    “Being a children’s nursery, care of the environment and making the world a better and cleaner place for the future is something close to our hearts,” Martin Ozols

    For more information please click on the picture above.

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Cybertots At Copley Close

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Telephone: 020 8566 6260

Ofsted registered EY396178

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