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Area Manager

Melanie Angus
Manager At The Crescent

Manager On The Green

Manager At GWQ

Dori Vancsik
Deputy At GWQ and Acton Gardens

Deputy At Copley Close

An opportunity came up to be a partner in a newly opening nursery and Nina was excited to be part of it with one very ambitious plan – she wanted to establish a nursery where parents could see their children in real life during the day should they feel the need. Cybertots was the first UK nursery with web cameras allowing parents a glimpse into their little ones’ nursery life.
Nina is also joined by two of her children in the running of the Cybertots nurseries. Katya, Nina’s daughter, joined the Cybertots team while completing her Masters degree in European Public Policy. Initially, she delivered French lessons to the children in the settings and helped out with managing finances. It soon became apparent that in order to grow, Nina would need additional help and Katya made the decision to join the company full time in 2007. Martin, Nina’s eldest son, came on board during the construction of Cybertots at GWQ in 2014, Cybertots largest nursery to date, and provided valuable support as a Chartered Surveyor with a background in Construction, Management and Health and Safety.
Every nursery has a manager and a deputy manager. Safiya, the area manager, oversees all four settings. Between them, they’ve got just over 100 years of childcare experience! All our staff have been thoroughly vetted as part of our robust recruitment procedure to ensure the security and welfare of the children. All have undergone Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, come with good references and have completed both safeguarding and paediatric first aid training.
At Cybertots Family, we highly value professional and personal growth and sponsor and actively encourage all practitioners to access continuous development opportunities.
“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each individual member is the team.” Phil Jackson