Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child bring to nursery?

All children will need a pair of slippers to wear indoors and a pair of wellies to wear outside, these will be kept at the nursery,clearly labelled please.

We strive to make children as independent as possible so please bear that in mind when dressing the children in the morning,dungarees are never ideal especially if potty training.

Outside Wear
Please ensure you provide your children with warm, waterproof clothing for outside.

Do I need to provide nappies and Sudocreme?
Nappies are included in the fees for our nurseries Cybertots on the Green and Cybertots at GWQ. You do need to provide Sudocreme however, please ensure that these do not run out. Staff will let you know if you are running low.

Staff Cover
At Cybertots we are a close knit family and try to avoid using agency staff when our usual staff are absent for sickness or holiday.
When staff cover is required, we have staff from our other nurseries come and help. All Cybertots members of staff are CRB checked and inducted and trained to the same Cybertots ethos.  This gives you the peace of mind that the care your child is receiving, remains in line with our policies and comes from someone within our family.

When are you closed and what happens?
We close at 4 p.m. on Christmas Eve or the last week day before Christmas Eve, and are closed until the New Year.

In addition, we close on Bank Holidays.
We also set aside 2 – 3 staff training days throughout the year, we aim to give parents one months notification of the days.

Bank holiday’s and training days are charged, however, days when the nursery is closed for holidays have already been deducted when calculating the monthly fees, so the fees you pay are already stripped of closed days.

When do I need to pay fees by?
Fees are to be paid in advance by the 1st of each month. As an example: September’s fees will be due by the 1st of September. If you are paying by standing order or vouchers, please ensure that fees arrive in our bank by the 1st of the month. Fees received later than the 1st of the month will be subject to a £2.50 per day late payment fine.

Why are my fees the same every month and not based on how many days my child actually attended in a month?
As with most nurseries, the fees are calculated over the year by multiplying the weekly fee by 52 or 50 weeks (depending on the nursery) and dividing by 12 months. This is done in order that standing orders can be set up and also enables parents to budget their monthly outgoings more efficiently.

Do I get a discount if I have two children at the nursery?
The sibling discount applies to children attending 3 days or more. The 10% discount will be applied to the lower fees.
Except for Cybertots at Copley close where the sibling discount is 5%.

How much is the registration fee?
Our registration fee is £50 per child. The registration fee is non refundable.

Why do I have to pay for the nursery when it is closed for holidays?
The monthly nursery fees are calculated with holiday days during Easter and Christmas already subtracted. The fees advertised differ to our actual daily rate which is closer to our flexi rate which is charged for extra days and part months.

Why do I have to pay fees when the nursery is closed for training?
The government recommends that nurseries close for staff training for a certain number of days per year. This enables your child to receive the best care possible, as better trained staff are better equipped to help your child develop essential skills. The nursery will give you at least one months’ notice of when a training day is scheduled to take place.

Why do I have to pay a deposit and when do I need to pay it by?
The deposit should be paid as soon as you have decided that you would like to place your child with us. Your child’s place is not deemed booked until the deposit is paid and as such may be given to someone else. Should you have difficulty with paying the deposit in one instalment, please contact Katya to discuss alternative options.

Can I pay my childcare fees using vouchers?
Yes, we accept most recognised vouchers, please email Katya to find out if we are already registered with your nominated company as we may be able to provide you with a reference number.

Vouchers enable parents to save on registered childcare costs. They are not means tested and are available to all working parents whose employers operate childcare voucher schemes. The amount of voucher you can claim may vary depending on your income.

Vouchers can save you National Insurance and Income tax as a set weekly amount can be deducted from your salary and used to provide childcare vouchers for the same amount. This amount is deducted from your gross salary and is exempt from National Insurance and Income Tax.

Please pay any balance due after the voucher payment has been made, by direct debit.

If you would like to download a PDF of these F.A.Q then please click here.

Cybertots News

  • Cybertots on the Green feature on Ealing News Extra

    Ealing News Extra Article Photo“ width=

    Cybertots on the Green were recently featured on the Ealing News Extra website in an article about our new energy saving heating and lighting system. These were installed after utilising Ealing Council’s Smart Business Grant.

    “Being a children’s nursery, care of the environment and making the world a better and cleaner place for the future is something close to our hearts,” Martin Ozols

    For more information please click on the picture above.

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