Terms and Conditions

These are the standard terms and conditions for Cybertots Nurseries; we believe that they reflect the customs and practices of all private day nurseries providing full day care. We have included the conditions regarding payment and notice periods to help promote stability, assist forward planning and enable proper resourcing of the nursery. These terms and conditions do not affect the Parent / Guardian’s statutory rights.

Entry to the nursery

1 Registration: Children will be considered for entry to the Nursery when the registration form has been completed and returned and the non-refundable £50 registration fee paid.

2 Offer of a Place: If a place is offered, a deposit equal to one month’s fees will be payable when parents accept the offer. Parents are not deemed to have accepted the offer of a place until the deposit has been paid in full. Failure to pay the deposit may result in the withdrawal of the offer. The deposit will be credited to your child’s last month fees, provided that one month’s notice is given in writing but will not otherwise be repaid. If there is any overpayment on the account, the money will be refunded 6 weeks from the last day of attendance in the form of a cheque. The deposit cannot be refunded if a secured place is cancelled.

a. The fees will be charged from the start day agreed between you and the Nursery, the date must be clearly stated on the registration form.

b. If you wish to reserve a place for your child, please note that we can keep the place for a maximum period of 3 months. We shall endeavour to provide a place for a sibling but we are under no obligation to do so, or to give priority over children on the waiting list.

3 Fees
a. Payment of fees: All fees are charged monthly in advance and must be paid by cheque, bank transfer or standing order, or childcare vouchers on the first day of the month to which they relate.

b. If the child starts in the baby room, we cannot guarantee that there will be a place for him or her in our toddler and pre-school room. If a place in the next age group is not available, the manager of the nursery will inform you with 3 months’ notice.

c. Fees are still payable during periods of absence from the nursery, including sickness and holidays. When calculating the fees we have taken into account the days during which the nursery is closed over the Christmas and Easter periods but not staff training days and not Bank Holidays, in order to calculate equal monthly amounts over the year. The nursery has to close for 5 staff training days per year to deliver the training required by the council.

d. Transitions from one room to the next are flexible to reflect the child’s stage of development and the overall group dynamics. Fees will be reduced to the next rate on the 1st of the month following the child’s birthday.

e. Fees are reviewed annually and are subject to increase. Parents/guardians will be given notification of any fee increase and the new fee structure will become effective one month after such notification.

f. If payments are cancelled or returned by the bank, we reserve the right to apply a penalty charge of £35.

g. There will be no refund or waiver of fees in the event that the childcare facility is closed or your child is released home early as a result of a Force Majeure event.

h. If you are more than one month in arrears with your payments, your childcare place will be terminated and in such circumstances you will not be entitled to a refund of any deposit.

i. Cybertots reserves the right to charge a late fine of £2.50 per day for every day after the 1st of the month that fees are unpaid.

j. Unpaid fees: Such items will be recoverable by action if necessary. Please note that if fees are not paid within a reasonable time we shall pass the debt to a Debt Collecting Agency which will incur additional charges. Once the debt has been passed to a Debt Collecting Agency we cannot accept direct payment from parents as the debt has been sold on. This may affect your credit rating.

k. We offer a sibling discount of 10% for both part-time and full-time places. The discount applies to the lower fees. Part-time places must be three full days or more to qualify. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts.

4 College parents: Please note that if you attend College, your fees are paid for term time only. We expect you to pay a £50 retention fee for each half term and holiday if you wish to retain your place in the nursery. If you wish to bring your child to the nursery during these holidays, you will be charged full fees and no retention fee. Your payments must be made monthly and if these payments are not met, we shall ask you to remove your child from the nursery, giving you only one week’s notice. Your contract with us will end when your contract with the college expires. Should you wish to keep your child beyond that time, you will have to renew your contract with the nursery.

5 Parents who have fees paid through Tax Credit: If your fees are paid through Child Tax Credit, please note that the government covers only 75% of the fees. The remaining amount has to be paid by you monthly in advance.

6 Free Entitlement (Nursery Educational Grant): We are registered to claim the “3 and 4 year old free entitlement (NEG)” on behalf of eligible children aged three and four years, who are not attending other nursery classes. If your child is eligible and attends for just the free entitlement / funded hours we reserve the right to charge extra for meals and additional activities as the free entitlement covers only access to EYFS and correct ratio in the nursery. The meals and additional activities will be charged at our normal rate and you will be invoiced for these termly.

a. Please note that children on NEG only, can attend nursery during school term time only, which is 38 weeks per year.

b. If your child attends more sessions than the ‘free entitlement sessions’ during each week, the free entitlement hours will be included on your monthly invoice.

c. If your child’s nursery attendance is low and the place is not used sufficiently, it might be offered to another child for the following term.

d. If your child is entitled to free entitlement / funded hours you must declare any claims made at another setting. This information must be given to the setting at the point of registration. Failure to declare this information will result in you having to repay us any/all amounts credited to your account and subsequently not funded by the local authority.

7 Cancellation, Withdrawal and Fees in Lieu
means one month’s written notice for our Nursery, delivered to the Nursery, and actually received and confirmed by the manager.
Withdrawal: One month’s notice must be given before the child is withdrawn or the deposit will be retained in lieu of notice. Once withdrawn, children will not be permitted to return within 3 months.
Removal: Parents may be required to remove the child permanently if it appears to the Manager that the continued presence of the child is incompatible with the interests of the Nursery. There would be no refund of fees in these circumstances but the deposit would be returned and fees in lieu of notice would not be charged.

8 General Conditions
(a) Children should be picked up promptly at the end of their session. If for any reason the parent/ carer is going to be late, please inform the nursery as soon as possible so we can arrange staff cover. Children who are picked up late will be subject to a charge of £1 per minute. Late fees have to be paid weekly. Note that parents must phone the nursery when they are running late so our staff can make cover arrangements.

(b) Only persons on the registration form may pick up the child. Any changes will only be accepted in writing and the person concerned must be introduced to the child’s key-worker. Emergency carers will need to provide an ID and state the password.

(c) Under NO circumstances will a child be allowed to leave the premises unaccompanied or with a person who appears to be unfit to look after the child’s safety or who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In such an event another family member will be contacted. If the person is under 16 years old, a written parental permission will be sought.

(d) Extra sessions can be booked in an emergency if space is available, 48 hrs must be given if cancelling otherwise the booked time will be charged for. These will be charged for at our flexi rate fee. We are unable to cater for occasional session swaps or holiday make up sessions.

(e) One month’s written notice is required to reduce your child’s contracted hours.

Learning Difficulties: Parents will be notified if it appears to the Nursery staff that a child may have learning difficulties or special educational needs. However, our staff members are not qualified to make any medical diagnose and we shall endeavour to seek outside help if parents are happy for us to do so.

Insurances: The Nursery undertakes to maintain those insurances which are prescribed by law. All other insurances are the responsibility of parents.

Accidents and loss: The nursery will not be liable for your child’s loss of property; parents are required to label their children’s belongings.

Concerns/complaints: Parents who have cause for serious concern in relation to any matters of safety, care or quality of education must inform the Manager and if they are not satisfied they must ask to speak to the Proprietor.

Cybertots News

  • Cybertots on the Green feature on Ealing News Extra

    Ealing News Extra Article Photo“ width=

    Cybertots on the Green were recently featured on the Ealing News Extra website in an article about our new energy saving heating and lighting system. These were installed after utilising Ealing Council’s Smart Business Grant.

    “Being a children’s nursery, care of the environment and making the world a better and cleaner place for the future is something close to our hearts,” Martin Ozols

    For more information please click on the picture above.

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